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How To Leverage Internet Marketing And Double Your Salon Sales In 2018

With 2018 approaching, opportunities for salon growth are abundant. The salon industry grew to a 44 billion dollar industry in 2017 up 1.8% from the previous year and up 9% since 2012. This is good and bad news. With the unemployment rate steadily decreasing consumers have more disposable income. But at the same time with little to no barriers to entry and steadily rising profit margin's more and more competitors are being introduced into the market. The fact that no one company has any more than 3.3% of market share means that it is easier than ever to open up a salon and get customers rolling in the door. That's great if you are just now opening a salon, but that's...

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How Plastic Surgeons Can Use These 3 Strategies To Drastically Increase Sales

You have heard of restaurants, big brands, clothing companies, authors, lawyers and other local small businesses using social media and digital marketing to successfully generate sales. But as a plastic surgeon how on earth does this work for you?   It's not like you're offering a cheap service or a commodity, you are offering a high ticket service that isn't for everyone. How do you use social media and digital marketing to generate sales when what you are offering is to fix someone's body?  You probably know by now that you should get SEO work done and rank at the top of Google so more people find you when searching.. but that takes time and is especially expensive.. so what else...

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This Proven Strategy Generates Virtually Unlimited New Dental Patients

You are a proud dentist with a strong base of patients, but you are hungry for more. You feel like you have a large capacity for new clients, but mot sure the best way to flock them in. If this sounds like you, keep reading.  Through testing and deep thought, we have come up with the ultimate strategy for bring in new dental patients and in this blog post we are going to break it down into a couple steps. Here is an over view of the strategy: Run an ad offering free teeth whitening targeted at locals interested in teeth whitening, require an email/phone number into a page in order to receive the free teeth whitening, then call the...

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7 General Success Tips From Super Successful People

1. Read Everyday Your brain is your biggest asset. It's no surprise that Tai Lopez, Warren Buffet , Les Brown and many other super successful people preach this. The average CEO read 4 to 5 books a month. But who wants to be an average CEO? 2. Appreciate No matter what you are going through, you always have things you can be thankful for. I mean you are alive aren't you? This is preached by Tony Robbins and many, many others. They recommend waking up everyday and reciting what you are thankful for. This will put you in a state of appreciation and you'll be extra ready to take on the rest of your day.   3. Think Positively On Every...

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3 Super Advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies You Didn't Know Existed

1. Facebook Graph Search What is a graph search you ask? Well it's that search bar at the very top of your Facebook home page. Odds are, you haven't been utilizing it to even close to it's potential. Let's say you are a small local restaurant and you are having a special one day. You could type in your location into the Facebook graph search then scroll down and find groups and pages local to your business. Finally, you could comment on each page and spread awareness about your special. Every time you comment on a post, everyone who has already liked or commented on that post will get a notification about your comment. This could work for any type of business. ...

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