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5 Highly Effective Yet Inexpensive Methods to Marketing Your Law Firm.

Breaking news! The era of big budget radio ads, billboards and local television commercials is over. You no longer need a big advertising budget to attract and bring in new clients. With word of mouth on steroids (aka social media) establishing top of mind awareness no longer requires putting up a catchy billboard with a cheesy slogan or creating a cringe worthy low budget commercial (although that's a bonus). Top of mind awareness can be established through great content, establishing yourself as an expert and getting a little personal on your favorite social media platforms. In this blog post I am going to share with you 5 of the most Highly Effective methods to marketing your firm, that you can utilize to establish a pipeline of potential clients.


1. Creating YouTube Videos. (Video Ideas and examples below)

When you saw this I know what you started to think.. "What on earth would I make a video about ", "I don't have an expensive camera" or "I am not good in front of a camera".

Did I get it? Well, I am here to tell you, you don't need an expensive camera or great acting skills. All you have to do is talk about what you already know. Whether you are a corporate lawyer, IP lawyer or digital media lawyer, you know stuff we don't that were interested in.

All you need to do is set up a camera, look at it and give out free content. You can give out tips, talk about weird laws, answer commonly asked questions or tell an interesting story.

When I first started my LLC I typed into YouTube "What do I need to start an LLC" and although there was lots of videos up on the topic, there was a few by lawyers and of course I chose to watch those. 

 Now, why should you do this? Well this video I watched had 240,000 views! Imagine being able to establish yourself as an expert in front of that many people. People do business with others they Like Know and Trust, so by giving out free video content and helping them solve a problem you've won them over. Just make sure you mention where your practice is located in the video.

Here is an example.

2. Utilize Google PPC Ads

What on earth are Google PPC ads? You mean those ads Google calls me every other day and try's to convince me to start using? 

Yes and they are not as a bad as you think. Let me explain. If you don't know what they are already, they are the "Ad" that pops up when ever you type in a phrase on Google. 

When creating these ads you can pick 30 key words you want your ad to pop up under, and you can also target these ads so they only come up in certain locations.

When choosing these key words, just think.. If I was my potential customer, looking for "me", what would I search into Google?

For example: "Criminal lawyers near me" , might be a good one if you are a criminal lawyer. 

To create this ad, search up  "Google Pay Per Click", click on the first search result to come up. Quickly login with your Google account and now you can creates an ad. 

3. Create E-books and Guides.

 Top of mind awareness is the most important factor when potential clients choose your firm. Creating a value piece in your industry and giving it out to prospects is like planting a seed. Whether or not they are ready to use your service at the time is not important, but when they are, they will reference your E-book/ guide and choose you! 

Make the E-book short, informative and entertaining. Use it to give value and establish yourself as an expert. 

You can share your PDF on your social media accounts or run a Facebook ad to a landing page and on that landing page require an email in exchange for your E-Book. 

 4. Facebook Advertising

 Facebook advertising is by far the most targeted form of advertising. Whether you want to target how someone spends their money, where someone lives, what sport someone plays or whether or not someone is interested in a lawyer.. or even all 4 at the same time..it can be done! 

Imagine being able to expose 67000 people to your business for just $150!

Although..It's not that easy. There are many misconceptions about Facebook advertising and 99.9% of business owners utilize it incorrectly.

When creating an ad you should always use "Power editor", never "Boost' a post. I could write for hours about why you should never boost, but I will save that for another blog post..

To schedule a complimentary strategy session to discuss ways to attract big clients using Facebook advertising, give us a call at 443.917.8026 (8 Am Monday to 6 Pm Friday) or email us at contact@customermagnetsmarketing.com.

 5. Capturing Emails and Sending Newsletters

Have you ever heard the expression "Keep your pipeline full."?

Well if you haven't, this means make sure you always have enough potential clients, that you never have to worry about hunting for new ones. Establishing methods to capture emails and building a large list is the best way to do just that. Imagine being able to remind 30,000 people about for free at just a click of a button. 

This is very possible, so long as you stay diligent about capturing them. You can capture emails by doing giveaways that require an email to enter, by sending an E-book in exchange for an email, by utilizing an email capture form on your website and many other ways.


In conclusion, with diligence and persistence and utilization of all 5 methods, you can run your firm like a well oiled machine. Once you have learned how to effectively implement each strategy into your business, you will watch your advertising budget plummet and your bank account blow up.



Author: Tristen Larsen
CEO of Customer Magnet Marketing