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3 Super Advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies You Didn't Know Existed

1. Facebook Graph Search

What is a graph search you ask? Well it's that search bar at the very top of your Facebook home page. Odds are, you haven't been utilizing it to even close to it's potential. Let's say you are a small local restaurant and you are having a special one day. You could type in your location into the Facebook graph search then scroll down and find groups and pages local to your business. Finally, you could comment on each page and spread awareness about your special. Every time you comment on a post, everyone who has already liked or commented on that post will get a notification about your comment. This could work for any type of business. 

Another way you can utilize this search tool is by joining local groups. You can join different groups and engage with people in each group. 

In-fact, you can also use this tool to find a certain type of person. Let's say you are a real estate agent and you are looking for a local real estate investor. You can simply type in "Real estate investors in (Your City)" and build connections/get leads that way.

The possibilities are really endless. Use your imagination

Okay... maybe that's not the best example.

2. The Facebook Re targeting Pixel And It's Uses

It's no secret that the top companies and top Facebook experts worship the Facebook re targeting feature. Why should you care? Well, lets say you are running a video ad to a local audience and you want to re target everyone who watched the full video (because you know they are super interested). You can create an audience of everyone who watched the full video and re target them exclusively.

 You can find your pixel code in "Ad manager" and can install it onto your website. Or another option is leaving the pixel be and just connecting it to your ad.

3. Facebook Power Editor

 Have you been boosting your posts? Please say no.. If you have been, what you should have been is using Facebook Power Editor. Facebook power editor let's you have the most control over your ads and let's you create the most in depth and scale-able campaigns. When you boost a post, you don't have control of where Facebook puts your money and Facebook gives you a lot less ways to control your ad. For example, you know how you see ads in between videos, on the right column, in your news feed and even sometimes on website you visit? Well, when you "Boost", Facebook puts your ads in all what's called "placements". What's wrong with this? Well think about it... do you think your post will look good as a tiny little picture on the right side of the screen? Or as an ad that shows up on a random website? no, not at all. That's one of the main reasons power editor is essential. We recommend only creating an ad and letting it run in one placement.