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How Plastic Surgeons Can Use These 3 Strategies To Drastically Increase Sales

You have heard of restaurants, big brands, clothing companies, authors, lawyers and other local small businesses using social media and digital marketing to successfully generate sales. But as a plastic surgeon how on earth does this work for you?  

It's not like you're offering a cheap service or a commodity, you are offering a high ticket service that isn't for everyone. How do you use social media and digital marketing to generate sales when what you are offering is to fix someone's body? 

You probably know by now that you should get SEO work done and rank at the top of Google so more people find you when searching.. but that takes time and is especially expensive.. so what else can you do?

Odds are, you also know you can use Google Pay Per Click and rank towards the top Google automatically, but you probably also know that the majority of your competitors are doing the same thing.

So what else can you do?

1.Leverage Instagram for a competitive edge.

Instagram is the most visual platform out there.. which makes it a great platform to show off before and after photos of your work. Use Instagram as a portfolio of your work. Before choosing a plastic surgeon the majority of patients will look you up on social media and do their best to learn as much as they can about you. Asking someone to work on their body takes a lot of trust! 

Instagram can also be used to generate sales through strategic hashtag use and geo targetting. 

2. Facebook advertising.

There is not one advertising platform on the planet more targeted than Facebook advertising. If I wanted to target women living in Baltimore who make above $150K/year that love the show Dr.Miami, Nip & Tuck and Botched who use Visa Mastercards, I literally could.  As a result, no other advertising platform is better for finding the perfect buyer. But, there is a flip side. Facebook advertising is also the most complicated advertising platform out there. There is a huge learning curve in order to utilize it effectively. Most business owners think it's as simple as just hitting the "Boost button" (Which you should never use by the way).  

One strategy that works wonders for plastic surgeons is giveaways requiring emails to enter. Give away a free operation and require an email and phone number in order for people to enter. Then, watch as thousands of people enter their email, share your post and before you know it you've captured a crazy amount of leads you can now keep in contact with. 

P.S.- Only 2 to 5 percent of your Facebook page likers actually see your posts, this is because in 2012 Facebook made so it's "Pay to play", so if your blog posts haven't been getting any "love" that's why.

 3. Website Giveaways.

How many qualified prospects do you think visit your website but never become a patient? Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands?

Well.. what if you were able to capture the information of at least 50% of prospects who land on your website? How many more sales do you think you would generate? How many tens of thousands are you losing by not capturing their information? So much money it probably makes you sick.

Well, I have a solution for you. Run a giveaway and advertise it on the top of the landing page of your website and require them to put in their information to enter.

BOOM. Sales times 2!


Pro tip. You can also install the Facebook pixel into your website to collect people's information and use it when you run ads.. but that's a conversation for a different blog post.


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