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How To Leverage Internet Marketing And Double Your Salon Sales In 2018

With 2018 approaching, opportunities for salon growth are abundant. The salon industry grew to a 44 billion dollar industry in 2017 up 1.8% from the previous year and up 9% since 2012. This is good and bad news. With the unemployment rate steadily decreasing consumers have more disposable income. But at the same time with little to no barriers to entry and steadily rising profit margin's more and more competitors are being introduced into the market. The fact that no one company has any more than 3.3% of market share means that it is easier than ever to open up a salon and get customers rolling in the door. That's great if you are just now opening a salon, but that's not great to hear if you already own a salon.

So how do you continue to grow and crush your competitors in 2018? Developing relationships, providing top-notch service and providing quality care is essential, but how do you get an abundance of new customers coming in the door? 

We know television, radio, and direct mail are dead and does anyone even pay attention to billboards these days?

Social media is essential, but every salon has a website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. They certainly help, but if they're not done properly they have little effect. So where does a salon owner turn if they are looking to double their sales?

Here's some strategies we've used for social media and social media advertising to double salon's sales in 12 months. These have been used together with referral programs and customer loyalty programs (Which we highly recommend looking into).

1. Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is the number one tool we use to grow businesses. When you make a Facebook post without advertising only 2 to 5 percent of your Facebook page likers actually see your posts. This is because Facebook made posting on business pages "Pay to play" this means you need to pay in order for people to see your posts. Most businesses hit the "Boost" butto and advertise that way. You never want to hit the "boost button". All ads should be created in ad manager or power editor. More on why in another blog post.There are a few Facebook advertising strategies that work wonders, and here's one we particularly like. 

Running an ad offering 50% Off haircuts. In the ad require the customer to enter their email and phone number in order to get the coupon, then on the next page give them a free gift if they schedule an appointment right away. 

The purpose of this strategy is to get new customers in the door. If you do a great job and begin developing a relationship with this customer when they come in, they will come back. 

2. Take pictures of your great work and run ads on a daily basis targeting people interested in salons. Yes, you can literally target people intersted in salons.

3. Giveaways!

4. Run email marketing campaigns. Do not make them salesy, provide value. Offer promotions, make them something customers want to open.

5. Instagram and Instagram advertising. A well-run Instagram is intriguing to click on. You should maintain a similar theme of colors and photos. The photos should be high quality. Think of Instagram as your highlight tape or portfolio, Post only the highest quality content that fits with your business. There are lots of salons with massive followings on Instagram. These Instagram pages generate a ton of sales.

When done correctly, these platforms will blow up your sales. It's important to know though, that you must do a good job distinguishing yourself from competitors. You must also do a good job telling your brand story. Your business could also use some local SEO and Youtube advertising. But in our opinion (because of our past experiences) we see Facebook advertising, Instagram, Instagram advertising and email marketing as being the most effective. 

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Tristen Larsen

CEO of Customer Magnets Marketing