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The 7 Do’s and Do Not’s Of Marketing Your Restaurant…

  • Never pay for premium advertising on sites like Yelp or Trip Adviser without tracking afterward..

Does your business have a system set up where either an employee or the receipt asks the customer where they heard about you from? If it doesn’t you could be wasting a ton of money on Yelp or other places you pay premiums for and not even realize it… Most businesses pay half of what our agency costs for a premium Yelp profile that brings in no new business.

Never “Boost” Your Facebook ads, always go to “Ads Manager”

If you’ve ever run a Facebook ad, you've probably realized it's  difficult to get the amount of interaction you want at a low enough price. It takes a lot of experience to know how to use Facebook properly. One big mistake a lot of businesses make is boosting their ads on their  Facebook page instead of running ads from their back office. image-5

When you hit “boost post” on Facebook, you are given options. First is to show your ad to “people who like your page and their friends” and “people who you choose through targeting.” So, basically what you’re given off the bat is the ability to target both fans and friends of fans.

This is traditionally not a bad audience, but what happens is it’ll create a version of your advertisement to your fans (fine), your friends of fans (usually a huge audience), and then a sponsored story version of that post (which usually targets almost no one).

This means your spend will be pumped into your friends of fans, which is a very broad audience and a waste of money, wouldn’t you agree? You have much more decision making in ads manager.  image-6   Which if you don’t have an account already, it takes an easy google to create.

Don’t Use Radio Advertising

Years ago when radio was only to advertise other than flyers and television, it was a great option. These days it’s like playing a slot machine… You put in some money into a local radio station, which broadcasts over multiple cities and counties, hoping anyone is listening during the time frames or day you choose.

Next, you hope potential customers in your area are listening, which with the ability to hook phones up to play your own music, satellite radio and the fact there are many different radio stations makes trying to get the message to the right people very expensive.

Whereas with Facebook ads, you can literally put in your address and decide what distance from your business you want to target. You can decide what demographic, what interest group.etc. Which to reach over 40,000 people can cost as little as $100 if done correctly. But Facebook ads are very hard to master, so don’t get discouraged if you aren’t getting the results you want.

Always Capture Your Customer’s Email

Ever heard the phrase “The money is in the list”, that's because when you have control over a lot of peoples emails you can literally control your customer's pockets if done correctly. A big mistake a lot of businesses make is trying to sell, instead of trying to provide value. No one wants to open an email about how great your food is or how they should try your new special, without getting something out of it.


Use A Video On The Homepage of Your Website

By the time you see this we may or may not have one on our homepage, but we’re working on it! It’s predicted by some of the greatest minds that over the next 10 years the internet will be 80% video. And what better way to tell your brand story and stand out than introduce your business with a video.

When a real life person talks about something, it makes a customer a lot more interested than if they read words or look at a picture. One of our biggest priorities when we first start working for a business is learning about their personal story and using that information to create content rich and viral videos telling their businesses’ story. Videos are one of the best ways to make a name for yourself. Just make sure they’re enjoyable or tug at an emotion.

Use Some Humor Related To Your Business In Your Social Media

Everyone could use a good laugh! A lot of businesses just sell, sell, sell. No one wants to follow a business like that. People like a good laugh or some light hearted content. Often those are the posts that get the most interaction. If you’re an Italian restaurant post a video of someone eating a pizza way too big for them, if your a Japanese restaurant post a video of some macho man cutting up fresh sushi into perfect pieces at the speed of light. You get the point.

Be consistent With Your Posting

In order to create momentum, you have to post on your social media platforms on a daily basis. You have to post at the same times everyday, why? Because posting everyday makes you seem relevant to the consumer, posting every once and awhile randomly means most of your followers will never see your posts, and if they don’t feel like you’re relevant they’ll un-follow you..

People also need expectancy, they want to get on their phone and know and look forward to your post. Plus the more you post the more people are thinking about you, and the more they’re thinking about you, the more they will gravitate toward buying from you. That doesn’t mean over doing it one wants to be spammed with a ton of content at one time.


Author: Tristen Larsen

Founder of Customer Magnets Marketing