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This Proven Strategy Generates Virtually Unlimited New Dental Patients

You are a proud dentist with a strong base of patients, but you are hungry for more. You feel like you have a large capacity for new clients, but mot sure the best way to flock them in. If this sounds like you, keep reading. 

Through testing and deep thought, we have come up with the ultimate strategy for bring in new dental patients and in this blog post we are going to break it down into a couple steps.

Here is an over view of the strategy: Run an ad offering free teeth whitening targeted at locals interested in teeth whitening, require an email/phone number into a page in order to receive the free teeth whitening, then call the potential customer, set up an appointment, up sell them during the whitening and provide great service then convert to long term customer.

Before explaining how to do this, let's discuss why this is an amazing strategy. As humans, our physical appearance is up there with money and love on our list of priorities. And what is one of our biggest insecurities? Our teeth and their color. So, rest assured this offer will be fiercely pursued and this will get people in the door. Once they are in the door your amazing staff will make them feel welcomed and happy to be there. Next, you will happily whiten their teeth and use your observation skills to notice a problem and set up an appointment to fix it. People will take you up on your offer and in fact they will feel obligated to, in order to reciprocate after receiving their free whitening.

But, what if there is no issue? Then simply schedule an appointment for another whitening or cleaning.. this time paid. And repeat. 

But how will this ad work?

The Ad:

As we mentioned the words "targeted a locals interested in teeth whitening" you probably thought to yourself "how the hell do I do that".. and we would like to tell you you are justified for thinking that. As Facebook advertising is pretty much the only platform with enough data to allow you to literally target "People interested in teeth whitening". Create a Facebook ad targeted toward this audience with a link to a page that captures emails and phone numbers.

As simple as this sounds, there are many factors involved, Facebook's algorithms are constantly changing and the advertising platform is a ton more complicated than 99.9% of business owners realize. Although, rigorously study the subject and you should see some results. 

Now when it comes to building the email/phone number capture page there are many drag and drop softwares that only take a good Google to find. 

We have tested this and the results have been thousands and thousand made in a few days.  

For more information on how this could work for your office shoot us an email @ contact@customermagnetsmarketing. 



Tristen Larsen

Founder of Customer Magnets Marketing